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How Slim Fast Diet Begin

Slim Fast Diet is one of the most popular meal replacement diet that has been around for more than 30 years. Slim-Fast was started in 1977 by S. Daniel Abraham. In 1987, Abraham took the brand private, and it was acquired by Unilever in 2000. During the early stage of the company Slim Fast diet original product was a famous shakes. The company have since added many different nutrition bars, drink powders, soup, pasta and etc to its line of weigh loss products. In all, Slim-Fast now features more than a hundred different weight loss products. Recently the company released a new product called Slim Fast Optima that is a low sugar alternative to the original Slim Fast drink.

Slim Fast Diet - Weight Loss Plan

Slim Fast centers its weight loss program on its own products such as traditional shakes, ready to drink powders, bars, snacks and package meals. The weight loss program is based on substituting your daily meals with their convenience products that provide necessary nutrients and vitamins. The Slim Fast diet  plan has been designed to make weight loss as easy as possible. There is nothing to count, no need to measure food portions, you don't even need to eliminate anything from your diet. The goal of the diet is to stay away from calorie dense foods, and eat a diet that is high in vitamin and fiber instead.

Quick Program Summary

Diet Type :

Meal replacement diet

Program Type:

Quick And Easy Weight Loss - DIY


Calorie controlled

Food To Eat :

Liquid shakes, nutrition bars, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, regular grocery store foods

Weight Loss Rate:

1-2 lbs per week



Headquarters :

Slim-Fast Foods
W. Palm Beach, Florida

Official Support :

 Slim Fast Diet website

* Note : Any quick weight loss program that restricting weight gain can increase your chance for delivering a low birth weight infant during pregnancy therefore it is not suitable for women during pregnancy.



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